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    About Us

    Devo Plus is a cross-party and non-party grouping which has been set up by Reform Scotland to promote the idea of the Scottish Parliament, as far as possible, raising the money it spends, and its objective is to see the creation of a system which allows for this to happen.

    Devo Plus is the best way forward for Scotland, offering a sustainable future for Scotland within the UK. It is not a compromise between 
    independence and the status quo, and is more popular than both.

    Devo Plus is better for Scotland than Devo Max
    . Devo Max is a recipe for constant friction because it removes accountability for Westminster expenditure in Scotland.

    Our destination is Devo Plus, but many roads lead there. We are focussed on the principle, not the process of how we get there.

    Scotland can adapt to its unique circumstances, fulfil its potential and promote growth if it is able to raise as much as possible of its own taxation. Devo Plus will make both Holyrood and Westminster accountable and responsible for raising what each spends in Scotland.

    What exactly is Devo Plus?  Click here to find out.