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    A New Union shows a blueprint for agreement  

    In a major report published today, the Devo Plus group’s A New Union shows how agreement can be reached on the best way forward for Scotland.

    It shows in practical detail how the Scottish Parliament’s increased powers can be delivered before 2020 and how a permanent, stable and sustainable relationship between Scotland the rest of the UK can be secured after the 2014 referendum. 

    Alex Fergusson MSP, Tavish Scott MSP and Duncan McNeil MSP and Jeremy Purvis published the report with chairman of Reform Scotland, Ben Thomson.

    A New Union shows:


    • how Devo Plus can be delivered during the lifetime of the next UK Parliament;
    • what the permanent long term settlement will be for Scotland within the UK; and
    • how political agreement should be brought about in advance of the referendum vote.


    The report includes specific recommendations for the delivery of the long term constitutional relationship for generations to come. They include:


    • the Westminster Parliament permanently vesting the power to legislate for non reserved matters in Scotland to the Scottish Parliament;
    • the Scottish Parliament established permanently to that it can only be dissolved if it so agrees;
    • the authority of the Scottish Parliament to raise the majority of its expenditure recognised in statute; and
    • means of adjustment to the agreement, and resolutions of dispute recognised in statute.


    Devo Plus gives the tools to the Scottish Parliament to deliver better public services, improved social outcomes and a stronger platform for Scotland while recognising the advantage of a strong relationship with the rest of the UK.

    Importantly A New Union also shows how agreement can be reached among parties and others.

    Download the latest Devo Plus report, A New Union, in full here.


    The case for Devo Plus is now even more relevant“As all the parties now agree, the time for discussing process is over and the issue now is to address substance. This makes the case for Devo Plus even more relevant.
    “Since our launch in February, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have indicated their openness to further powers, so it now appears that the real question in 2014 will be a straight question between independence and a form of Devo Plus. 
    “For the result of the referendum to be decisive, those that do not support independence can now come together with Devo Plus for a long-term solution that provides a clear choice in the referendum and settles this for a generation.
    “This means making this clear ahead of the vote and obtaining a consensus that is capable of delivery after the referendum.”


    Devo Plus release second report, Improving Social Outcomes in Scotland

    The Devo Plus group has published its second report focusing on how we deliver improved social outcomes in Scotland. You can download the report here (PDF format) or by clicking the image of the report.